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I initially started to make Evangeline Gossett Newcomer's The Family of Gossett more accessible and easier to find. now includes my personal family history. Click on any of the links at left to learn more about the people that live within these pages.

My family enjoys Christmas dinner in 1957, though I didn't come on the scene until 1962.

The Family of Gossett
I am happy to answer questions about The Family of Gossett, but I am not that familiar with Gossett lines outside of Newcomer's book. The Internet makes it possible for Gossett researchers all over the world to proof this work and provide corrections. If you have corrections or additions I would be happy to post them within the book as well as on the Family of Gossett Cousins page.

There are now differing opinions on exactly who the first Gossetts were in America. Please be sure to read the comments concerning the accuracy of The Family of Gossett. Jeff Gossett and Jim Gossett have co-authored European Origins of the American Gossetts. I am not sure which is correct regarding the immigrant Gossetts but Jeff and Jim present a very convincing argument. Should Newcomer be proven wrong in her research concerning the early Gossetts, the chapters chronicling John Gossett of Ohio and his descendants is still worth reading.

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